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THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL NASCAR SITE. No income/profit is derived from this site. It is solely intended as a fan's informational site. You will find information about the beginning and very early days of NASCAR, plus much more!  As a matter of fact, as a resident of the Daytona Beach area, I PERSONALLY had many conversations with Bill France, Jr. about this site as I was determined to catalogue early NASCAR history and he always told me "Go for it, you'll have a LOT of content." How right he was. See, it is not just about the drivers . . . . it's about much more.

It's about the stories behind the stories, the cars, tracks, owners, mechanics and statistics galore. You will find some of the best "Bench Racin'" on the net. To qualify for inclusion, the driver would have only participate in one NASCAR sanctioned race. Others would have to have had an impact on the sport.

Legends is not just about the "stars", but those who made the Legend of Nascar. Yes, some entries are "off the wall" (no pun intended) and some are obscure and each took research to find, but we will strive to become an information source of any and all who made the sport what it is today. One of the best things about this site is how it connects the relatives of people featured within. Some have reported they knew little of their racing participation and some see photos for the first time. How rewarding for us.

Our mission will be to collect  the most information we can find. And that's also up to you. If you have a story to tell, that's what this site is all about. Just email it HERE.

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Martha Earnhardt - Hard to find photos and stories of Mammaw

Trivia Question: Who was the last NASCAR driver to be stripped of his Win? Emanuel Zervakis! See Story HERE

Raleigh Speedway (NASCAR 1952 - 1958) - Interesting story of the demise of the track

Richard Brickhouse - First Talladega Winner

Paul "Lil Bud" Moore - Passes at 75

Sam Ard - Passes at 78

Pete Hamilton - Passes at 74 - 2 Time Daytona 500 Champion

Bill Wimble - Passes at 84

Dan Pardus -  New driver profile

Richie Panch - page update, pix & more (more plane crash info...)

Bobby Johns - Obit (March 7, 2016 - Dies at 83 yrs)

Lennie Pond - 1973 Rookie of the Year, passes at age 75

Reb Wickersham -  New! Unique driver profile

Blackie Wangerin -  New driver profile

Lou LaRosa -  New Mechanic Profile - Dale Sr. Engine Builder

Travis Tiller - New driver profile

Frank Warren - New driver profile

Joe Thurman - New driver profile

Pete Silva - New driver profile

Buck Baker - NEW! Nascar Hall of Famer

Dink Widenhouse - Updated info & pics

Olin Hopes - Race Mechanic for Fox, Pearson, Panch, Fireball and more...

Barney Hall - MRN Media, passes at 83

Bobby Isaac - 2016 Inductee to the NASCAR Hall of Fame

Jerry Cook - 2016 Inductee to the NASCAR Hall of Fame

LD Ottinger - New Driver included

Marvin Panch - 1961 Daytona 500 Winner, 12 Race Winner, passes at age 89

Richie Panch - page update, pix & more

Judy Allison - Beloved wife of NASCAR Hall of Famer Bobby Allison. passes at age 74

Ron Bouchard - passes away at age 67

Eddie Pagan - The 1958 Darlington Crash. Has to be seen to be believed.

Buddy Baker passes away at 74

Reds Kagle - Famous Charlotte guardrail accident...

Carl Long (And NASCAR's Largest Fine Ever!), Updated Stats 5/24/15

Everett "Cotton" Owens died June 7, 2012 -- NEW PICS!

INCREDIBLE! The lost recording of Neil Bonnett...SINGING!
Will Cronkrite (one of Dale Sr.'s first rides!)
Lloyd Dane (oldest living NASCAR winner?)
Jim Hunter (passes away)
Hilly Rife, (Passes Away)

Norm Froscher (writer) Passes
Roy Mayne (Great Car Find Shots!)
Raymond Park's Passing


RECENT UPDATES! (Always in progress!)
UPDATED: Marvin Panch,

Tragic Stats Update(6/07),
Statistically Speaking: Death at Daytona
Superstitions: No green, no cats, no peanuts! - Tom Higgins

The Mario Rossi File: ..............The life and mysterious death of a NASCAR hero by Becca Gladden
We're Having A Heat Wave ....Tom Higgins' Scuffs
The Fireball Myth?  ...................by Norm Froscher
"Crystal Ball" Roberts .............by Norm Froscher
Fireball & Jai-Alai ......................by Roland Via

Jimmie Johnson - Superstar    by Steve Samples
Grand National Champions 1949-1996
"The REAL NASCAR Top 50 (2007 Update)"    by Steve Samples
"The Good 'Ol Boy Sport?  What Short Memories We Have"   by Dave Faries

"The 10 Stupidest Moments In NASCAR History",  
Racing Birthdays, New Fred Lorenzen Story,      

Check out the Hudson Page!

A big Thank You to Florida Race Historian, Marty Little, who often provides essential archive photos for Legends of Nascar. Thanks!


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