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Legends of Nascar has become a serious racing reference source.
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DRIVERS (by last name)

Johnny Allen
Bobby Allison
*Davey Allison
Donnie Allison
Jack Anderson
Sam Ard
H.B. Bailey
Buddy Baker
*Buck Baker
*Ivan Baldwin
*Herman Beam
*Johnny Beauchamp
Gene Bergin
Bill Blair
Geoff Bodine
*Tony Bonadies
*Neil Bonnett
*Elias Bowie
*Jack Bowsher
*Dick Brooks
*Red Byron
Neil Castles
Rene Charland
*June Cleveland
Jerry Cook
Charlie Cregar

Curtis "Crawfish" Crider
Lloyd Dane
*George Davis
*Darel Dieringer
Red Douglass
*Dale Earnhardt, Sr.
*Ralph Earnhardt
*Sonny Easley
Bill Elliott
*Richie Evans
Red Farmer
Dick Fleck
Eddie Flemke, Sr.
*Bob Flock
*Fonty Flock
*Tim Flock
*Jimmy Florian
*Larry Flynn
*Lou Figaro
A.J. Foyt
*Larry Frank
Harry Gant
Bill Gazaway
(One lap!)
Charlie Glotzbach
Paul Goldsmith

Jeff Gordon
*Charley Griffith
*Roy Hall
Pete Hamilton
Fred Harb
Jumpin Joe Harrison
*Billie Harvey
*Gordon Harvey
Vivian Lucky Harvey
*Friday Hassler
*Ray Hendrick
*Jim Hendrickson

Jimmy Hensley
Bernie Hentges
Gene Hobby
Paul Dean Holt
Hooker Hood
*Dick Hutcherson
Sonny Hutchins
James Hylton
Jack Ingram
*Jimmy Ingram
*Bobby Isaac
Ernie Irvan
*Bruce Jacobi
Dale Jarrett
Ned Jarrett
*Little Joe Jernigan
Bobby Johns
Jimmie Johnson
*Joe Lee Johnson
Junior Johnson
Dick Joslin
*Al Keller 
Brownie King
*Mike Klapak
*Alan Kulwicki
Terry Labonte
*Elmo Langley
Jimmie Lewallen
Paul Lewis
Carl Long
Fred Lorenzen
*Tiny Lund
Mad Marion MacDonald
*Johnny Mantz
Dave Marcis
*Coo Coo Marlin
Mark Martin
*Banjo Matthews
*Dick May
*Roy Mayne

*J.D. McDuffie
Hershel McGriff
*Sam McQuagg
Jimmy Means
*Dick Meyer
Joe Mihalic
Ralph Moody
*Lloyd Moore
*Rob Moroso
Frank 'Rebel' Mundy
*Billy Myers
*Bobby Myers
*Cotton Owens
*Sammy Packard
*Eddie Pagan
Marvin Panch
*Richie Panch
Jimmy Pardue
*Benny Parsons
*Jim Paschal
David Pearson
Richard Petty
*Lee Petty
Tiger Tom Pistone
Lennie Pond

*Marvin Porter
*J.T. Putney
*Lloyd Ragon
Jim Rathmann
*Dick Rathmann
*Joie Ray
*Joie Ray, Jr.
Jim Reed
*Bill Rexford
*Tim Richmond
*Hilly Rife
*Fireball Roberts
*Shorty Rollins

Brian Rose
Brian Ross

Brian Ross (Mods)
*Mario Rossi

*John Rostek
Ricky Rudd
*Ken Rush
*Lloyd Seay
*Wendell Scott
Frankie Schneider
*Buddy Shuman
Archie Smith
*Frank Smith
Jack Smith
*Larry Smith
*Louise Smith
*Gober Sosebee
G.C. Spencer
Irwin "Speedy" Spiers
*Nelson Stacy,
Dr. Don Tarr
*Marshall Teague
George Tet
(Tetsuo Fuchigami)
*Herb Thomas
Johnny Thompson
*Speedy Thompson
Roscoe Thompson
Jabe Thomas
Ronnie Thomas
Dick Trickle
Russ Truelove
*Curtis Turner
*Carl Tyler
Lois Tyler
*Roy Tyner
DK Ulrich
Jim Vandiver
*Billy Wade
*Bob "Handlebars" Walden
Rusty Wallace
*Joe Weatherly
*Bob Welborn
Pee Wee Wentz
Rex White
Dink Widenhouse
*Baldy Wilson
Bill Wimble
Glen Wood
Cale Yarborough
*LeeRoy Yarbrough

Ed Yerrington
Emanuel Zervakis

* Deceased (sorry if not updated)

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*Jack Bowsher
*Julian Buesink
Richard Childress
Louis Clements
Will Cronkrite
Pete Depaolo
Junie Donlavey
Ray Fox
Bill Gazaway
Joe Gibbs
Rick Hendrick
*Harry Hyde
Carl Kiekhaefer
*Banjo Matthews
Ralph Moody
Bud Moore
*Ray Nichels
*Cotton Owens
*Raymond Parks
*Mario Rossi
Archie Smith
Irwin "Speedy" Spiers
Stavola Brothers
DK Ulrich
Glen Wood
Wood Bros.

Robert Yates
*Smokey Yunick

Emanuel Zervakis

     Other Racing Industry:

  NASCAR Hall of Fame

*Dick Fleck

      *Bill France, Jr.
*Bill France, Sr.

      Bill Gazaway
     *Joe Epton
      Harvey Duck

      *Norm Froscher - Media

      Max Helton

      *Jim Hunter

       Les Richter

      Linda Vaughn

      *T. Taylor Warren

      Ed Yerrington

      Rookie of the Year


      Racing Birthdays


Grand National Champions 1949-1996

      Hudson Stories


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Louis Clements
*June Cleveland
Will Cronkrite
Jake Elder
Ernie Elliott
*Hop Harrington
*Harry Hyde
*Banjo Matthews
Paul McDuffie
Chocolate Myers
*Herb Nab
*Cotton Owens
Buddy Parrott
Todd Parrott

*Mario Rossi
*Red Vogt
*Chuck Warren
Glen Wood
Wood Bros.

Doug Yates
*Smokey Yunick


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